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Football player sculpture
Football player sculpture

Foam by Design Specializes in Creating 3D Foam Props, Sculptures, Logos, Dimensional Letters, Themed Rooms and More!

Organizations and industries that utilize our services include: Film and Television, Theme Parks, Entertainment Venues, Corporate Event Planners, Marketing Firms and Architectural/Construction. We transform ideas, drawings, photos and 3D computer files into scaled foam replicas by utilizing 3D laser scanning, 2D/3D computer modeling, 3D CNC routing, and 3D CNC hot wiring technology. Although our shop is fully automated, we employ the best hand sculptors, Marquette builders, coating experts and painters in the industry. Our state of the art equipment, vast knowledge and wealth of experience ensures that we are consistently recognized as an industry leader.

Our one stop shop concept reduces the need to seek out further value-added services and provides the options on having us partially or fully complete your item. If you are looking for professional, accurate and friendly services then choose FBD Signs, Inc.



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