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The Lombardi Trophy
The Lombardi Trophy
EPS Foam Core Monument Signs are a smart choice because not only do they provide unsurpassed durability in a lightweight structure and are easy to install, but they are absolutely stunning and offer creative design opportunities not found in other media. By combining our knowledge and experience in the construction industry with our ability to adapt to graphic designs and concepts, we have developed the perfect sign solution for both commercial and residential monument signage applications.

Our custom EPS Foam Monuments are designed and tailored to meet any need. Unlike the competition, all FBD Signs Foam Monument Signs are made out of 1.5 lb. – higher density, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are encapsulated in our unique proprietary hard coat protective base coat. This combination offers superior impact resistance, is resistant to rot, termites, and moisture, will not rust or peel, and is approved to withstand any coastal wind-load requirements.

We often hear from our customers, “My client doesn’t want a fake sign.” The old concept that EPS Foam is a fake material has been dispelled over the decades as more and more architects and builders are using EPS Foam for store front facades, crown moldings and cornices and various other building trim elements. EPS Foam is an accepted building material that you likely come in contact every day, but you don’t realize it. If you want a sign made out of concrete, metal or wood; here are the guarantees…it will crack…it will rust…it will rot!

FBD Signs, Inc., formerly the Sign Division at Foam by Design, is the premier EPS Foam Sign fabricator in Florida and serves a national market through its wholesale sign products manufacturing facility in Clearwater Florida.



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